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Nine years of work as a staff geologist, with two major oil companies, included exploration and field development projects in onshore and offshore Louisiana, and in coastal Texas counties.

Time was spent estimating volumes of new field reserves found by competing oil companies. Most of the projects were concerned with the positioning of wells to further develop old and new fields, and with the recompletion of existing wells into new reservoirs.

My experience as an independent consulting geologist includes original subsurface mapping and consultations for client oil companies and individuals.

    Experience areas:

    - Screening drilling proposals
    - Salt dome development drilling
    - Answering landowner questions
    - Well site logging
    - Oil and gas leasing
    - Preparation of reservoir maps for State Mineral Board equity hearings
    - Estimating estate reserves

Help has been provided in due diligence research for two firms – advisors in petroleum and general investments – based in Connecticut and Rhode Island, relative to companies involved in exploration drilling, rig servicing, gas storage, and pipelines.